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Welcome to the Men of Middle-earth Awards, where we celebrated the beautiful variety of the LOTR slash fandom. The awards recognized some of the best of each pairing in RPS and FPS for drabbles, ficlets, and short and long fiction.

The MoMEs were held from 2007 through 2010, presenting 280 awards from hundreds of nominations of fics (both new and old) representing a broad spectrum of pairings from all corners of the fandom. This was truly a labor of love, one that proved to me that the Rings fandom will always be one of the best around.

The awards would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of so many people. To anyone who ever participated in any form - whether through promoting, nominating, reading, commenting, voting, you name it - you have my sincere thanks. And a special mention to [personal profile] galor5 (2007) and [personal profile] stormatdusk (2008-2010) for creating such beautiful graphics.

There are many broken links in the posts as over time journals have been deleted or stories moved. If a fic link doesn't work, try looking for the author on Dreamwidth or AO3; you can also search for the story (by title and character) on AO3 and, of course, google might be able to locate some fics as well.
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This is mostly a placeholder post to keep the community from being deleted for inactivity, but it's also an announcement that I'm going to make a back-up of it on Dreamwidth to make sure the posts are archived somewhere.

I don't use Dreamwidth (I'll be setting up a temporary journal so I can save a copy of the community, but my actual journal is staying here on LJ) so if anyone who *is* moving wants to take over the comm on that site, just let me know and I'll figure out how to switch ownership/moderation/whatever it's called :).
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Hello, everyone. Once again I find myself having to apologize to all of you. I've made promises I couldn't keep and made commitments I haven't been able to live up to. I am truly sorry for this year's awards not getting off the ground, all of which is entirely my fault.

Any other year I'd probably say that we could begin again; create a new timeline and still get the awards done for 2012. However, my life right now doesn't afford me any mental capacity to handle much of anything beyond the basics of breathing, eating and sleeping. It's not even that the work itself is unreasonable; it's that I don't have the energy, confidence or passion to see it through.

Back in April, before things got too bad, someone kindly volunteered to help me pull everything together. I seriously considered the offer because I could feel things were sliding, but even then to just think about e-mailing all the files and forwarding all the nominations was too much. I know that sounds ridiculous (it is pretty ridiculous) but it was, and is, still true. Therefore, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that the awards will not happen this year, and unless something seriously changes over the next few months, they will not happen again.

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent in nominations or promoted the awards this year. And to anyone who ever participated in any form over the past few years - whether through nominating, reading, commenting, voting, you name it - all of my sincerest gratitude. This has truly been such a wonderful fandom project to take on, and it is something I've absolutely enjoyed. It's been an honor to meet all of you, and you've solidified my belief that this fandom is filled with the kindest, most inviting and fun people I've ever had the privilege to know. I'm sorry this is going out on such a whimper, but I hope the past few months haven't irreparably altered how you'll remember the MOMEs. It will always be something in which I hold fond memories.

What I am going to do over the next few weeks is put together a list of all the stories and authors who were nominated this year and post it here as a way to celebrate them and their work, to give them some of the recognition they deserve. The kind person who volunteered to lend a hand earlier this year has agreed to help get that together, so keep an eye out for it around the end of the month.

Once again, I'm sorry for not getting this off the ground this year and for bringing it to a close. It's been great fun and I hope you've enjoyed yourself as well. Thank you for all of the kindness and generosity you've shown me over the years. I truly appreciate it and all of you.
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Hello, everyone. I am so sorry for falling behind and the delay in processing everything. And I'm afraid I won't be able to even start pulling the complete nomination list together until the weekend, after which things should begin to proceed at a good pace.

What this means is if anyone had any last minute stories they wanted to nominate, I'm happy to accept them through the end of the day on Friday, May 18.

Our revised schedule: voting will begin on June 4 and run through July 14. The winners will be announced by July 21.

My apologies once more for the delay. I think we've received a really nice number of nominations so far, and I'm looking forward to pulling everything together and getting e-mails sent out over the weekend. Thank you so much for your patience and your continued participation.
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To give everyone enough time to find their favorite fics and get their nominations in, the deadline for submitting nominations has been extended until the end of the month. Everyone now has four more weeks to go through their memories and bookmarks and find those stories you can't get enough of.

Voting will now begin on May 15, but the rest of the schedule should remain the same. If you have any questions, just let me know.
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Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well, enjoying the season (whether it's hot or cold where you are) and our wonderful fandom.

First an apology. I'm sorry that I haven't posted the list of all nominated stories yet. No excuses other than my own scattered brain. I wanted to get it done before writing this message, and the only thing that served was delaying this post for a month. I am going to finish it and it will be posted before the end of the month.

The main thing I wanted to talk about is the schedule for the next awards season. When I started the MOMEs, I chose to begin in the middle of the year because the [livejournal.com profile] slashy_oscars started in January. It made sense not to split people's attention between them. But it's become painfully obvious that the end of the year is a difficult time for me. I inevitably let things slide, which hasn't proved to be a death knell for the MOMEs thanks to all of you, but things could have been better had I been giving them the right attention. Plus at the end of the year there are a lot of fic exchanges and festivals, NaNoWriMo is right in the middle of it, holidays and vacations are prevalent. It feels like there are a lot of things vying for everyone's attention and perhaps it would be easier for everyone if we shifted the timetable so everything begins in January (possibly with nominations starting in December just to give a little extra time).

What would this mean for this year? Technically there wouldn't be any awards given out in 2011. Nominations would likely be open beginning late in December and running through January or mid-February, voting would be another 4 - 6 weeks (so ending around the end of March) with awards given out in April. Eligibility dates would shift accordingly.

What do you think?

[Poll #1757853]

In addition, I'd like to hear your feedback and/or suggestions about the awards in general. What do you think works, what do you think is totally borked, what might you tweak to get better results, places you would try and promote. Anything and everything you have to say, I'd love to hear it. If things move to a January timetable, there's plenty of time to revamp processes and get some templates in place so we can start fresh in 2012. You can always be forthright and straightforward with me, but to help facilitate things I've turned off IP logging and allowed anonymous comments.

Thanks for always being so supportive and for keeping this thing going even when I didn't have the energy to keep it afloat myself. The MOMEs would be nothing without you, and I'm incredibly appreciative of everyone.
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In a little over a week voting will close for this years [livejournal.com profile] mome_awards. There's been a great turnout over the past month, and there's still time to read through a few more categories and make your selections.

I think I've kept up with the e-mail ballot requests, but if you asked for a ballot and I didn't respond, please leave me a comment here and I'll get one out to you ASAP. Conversely, if you returned a ballot and I didn't send a response acknowledging I received it, please let me know as well.

On Wednesday, December 15, at 11:59 pm eastern time, the category polls will close so check out the ballot and if you have any questions, just let me know.
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I believe we're on track for the ballot to be posted on Monday, November 1 *fingers crossed*. But I need some help reaching a few of the nominated authors. I just sent follow-up messages, but if you know any of the following people and have a way of getting in touch with them, could you please ask them to get in touch with me either here or at mome.awards AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for your help!

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An update

Oct. 19th, 2010 05:39 am
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A combination of being overly ambitious and the wonderful "problem" of having more nominations than I estimated has resulted in me not contacting authors on Monday like I had hoped. I'd say I'll make it today but to be on the safe side I'm going to say e-mails will go out on Wednesday. Sorry for the delay and thanks for everyone sticking with me.
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So that's two years in a row I've had difficulty getting online at almost the exact same time of year and unfortunately both times has meant the awards schedule has fallen to pieces. I am very sorry that yet again the MOMEs has been on hold for so long. I promise you that nothing has been lost; I just wasn't able to access it and keep things rolling.

For those that are wondering: This is a solo project because for this kind of awards set up I firmly believe it's better that anyone "behind the scenes" should not be allowed to nominate, vote or have a story in the running, and I don't want anyone I know to be forced not to participate because they're helping me. (I really like the set up of the MEFAs, which I think eliminates those potential conflicts of interest through a really great process, but one I wouldn't be able to manage, unfortunately.) This is why it only takes one person to have a problem for the whole thing to fall behind. I do need to consider the timing of the awards for next year, as clearly this time of year is proving to be difficult for me and I don't want this radio silence and resulting delays to become a regular "feature."

With that said, I hope I haven't lost a lot of you and that you're willing to hang in there while I pull the proposed ballot together and contact the authors for their approval. At the latest (and if everything goes as planned) I hope to begin e-mailing everyone by the end of the weekend which could mean the ballot would be finalized and posted in anywhere from one to two weeks. (To help speed things along I may post a list of authors here and/or at my journal so others can help me get in touch with people from the beginning; I haven't decided if that would seem like overkill or put too much pressure on people to participate but we'll see.) That would mean things would be up for reading and voting by the end of the month, voting would take place through November ending around mid-December, and the results would be posted shortly thereafter. Not exactly the timetable we started with, and we're bumping into NanoWrimo participation time which is a little troublesome. If you think this timing really won't work, please let me know. I am *very* open to suggestions; perhaps it would be best to keep voting open until the end of the year to ensure everyone who will be busy writing in November and won't have time to read and vote can still participate.

I'll keep you updated as we go along. I believe we're good to go as far as contacting the authors in the next few days and hopefully we'll hear back from everyone quickly. Once again, I apologize for this huge delay; thank you for your understanding and patience.
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As the nomination period has just started, I wanted to address the issue of word counts. The categories are divided by pairing and length of fic, so part of the nomination requirement is including how many words are in a story.

I know this can be a tedious task. But while I'm sure many people are able to look at a web page or a series of chapters and make a pretty good guesstimate as to the number of words, believe me when I say that many people cannot. Every year I do random checks and every year I find multiple errors. One wrong count can mean several categories get rearranged. Instead of having both long and novel-length categories, we may now have only a long fiction category; instead of a pairing having its own short fiction category it may now have to be melded into a general category. And that's just the possible impact from one mistake. There's never only one wrong count so imagine at the end of the nomination period before I can contact authors to let them know they're on the ballot I have to categorize and recategorize because several counts are off.

I'm not saying this so people feel sorry for me; I love doing the awards because I feel it keeps the LotR fandom love alive and it puts a bunch of great fics in one place for people to enjoy throughout the year. But while I appreciate that getting a count for ten long stories is time consuming, imagine having to get counts for over a hundred. It's not a pretty sight. :-)

One thing I often suggest (if someone is finding it difficult) is that people contact the author and ask them for the count. On the plus side you may make their day to learn that someone feels their story is worthy of a nomination. Conversely if they'd rather not participate you know in advance and haven't taken any additional time getting a count. And to the writers out there, it would be great if you considered adding the word count to your posts and the total word count from a multi-chapter fic to the final chapter. These are just suggestions; clearly no one is required to contact an author or to add counts to their stories. But I wanted to bring it up in hopes that if even a handful of people do, it may make the nomination period a little easier.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. You can leave a comment here or send me an e-mail. Thanks for listening and have fun finding those great stories!

Edit: Firefox users may have a really easy option available through the Word Count Plus add-on. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vamp_ress for the tip!
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In a few days the fourth annual Men of Middle-earth Awards will begin! I hope everyone's looking forward to another year. Nominations will be accepted between July 15 and August 31, so start sifting through your bookmarks, memories, and favorite comms and get your list of fics together. There will be a post available for pointing readers to your fic or recommendation lists; it should be up in about a week.

If you have any questions about the categories, the process, eligibility, etc., please leave a comment here or send me an e-mail.

Thank you!

Nov. 28th, 2009 05:41 am
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There were a couple of situations this year that made me question whether I wanted to continue doing the awards. And while each was resolved well and in the end had no influence on the awards themselves (thanks in part to the sheer number of participants) I was still disheartened.

But then I started putting the results post together. And I remembered why the MOMEs bring me joy. The general categories seemed even more diverse than in previous years, and it was anyone's guess which story would eventually emerge with the most votes. I loved the variety on the FPS side, from Sharpe to Ghost Ship to a full slate of Star Trek fics featuring the lovely Dr. McCoy in the very first year they were eligible (and with only two months worth of eligible fics to draw from). And watching an Astin/Elijah fic compete neck and neck with a VigBean makes this pairing lover's heart sing.

So many categories went down to the wire, and while I still have to make a concerted effort to reach out to Silmarillion writers and those who write about the hobbit characters and actors, there was still continued interest across a wide spectrum of the fandom.

And in the end, 99% of you are what this is all about. You scoured your bookmarks and favorite comms for stories to nominate, you spread the word in your journals, you voted with care and thought. And on a personal level, I was touched by your extraordinary patience. Still choosing to participate even as the dates kept slipping, keeping the momentum going even when I didn't have any. I even received e-mails of encouragement from total strangers, lovely words that I will forever be grateful for. And because of all of you, potential unpleasantness didn't see the light of day.

So I'll add rules and seal up cracks over the break, and come up with more ways to keep all of you participating and add more people like you to the ranks of MOME supporters. The results will be posted tomorrow morning, the results that to me show how fair and thoughtful you are, and I hope how much you also enjoy the idea behind the awards. Thank you all for reminding me why I wanted to do this in the first place, for helping me rediscover my MOME joy. :-)

Results will be up Sunday morning!
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This year we've had an extraordinary number of email ballot requests (more than 100 *boggles*) and while I'm working on contacting everyone to remind them of the deadline, I thought I'd post here as well on the chance that some of you are also following this community.

Voting is closing this Saturday (November 21), so if you've received a ballot by email please send it back to mome.awards AT gmail DOT com by 11:59 pm eastern time to ensure your vote counts.

Thanks for your participation and if you have any questions let me know.
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There are only ten days left to cast your votes for the [livejournal.com profile] mome_awards; voting ends at 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 21. With 70 different pairings in both real and fictional person slash, there's something for everyone. Check out the ballot and if you have any questions, just let me know.

Any reminders you'd like to post at your journals would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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The ballots will be posted tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your patience and helping to keep the MOMEs fun. I hope you enjoy reading through the stories.
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Edit: Going to shut it down now. Thanks so much for your help.

Hopefully if all goes as planned the ballots will be posted on Sunday, October 11 *fingers crossed*. But there were a lot of authors nominated and several I haven't yet managed to contact. If you know any of the following people and have a way of getting in touch with them, could you please let me know (or contact them and ask them to e-mail me at mome.awards AT gmail DOT com).

Thanks for your help!

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Due to a variety of reasons, I haven't only not been online for a while, I haven't even really been on a computer for quite some time. As a result, things are woefully behind here. I suppose this is a primary pitfall to only one person running a community. I do this on my own because I firmly believe that with an awards program the people in charge should have no personal stake whatsoever and I don't want anyone I know to either not be able to vote or have their stories eligible for voting. Until now going solo hasn't been a problem and I apologize for creating this delay.

On a hugely positive note, I am amazed by the number of nominations we've received without the awards being promoted at all the entire summer. All of you are absolutely incredible and have proven to me once again that even if our fandom is smaller than it was it is in no way dead. *applauds all of you* To be absolutely fair to everyone who didn't get any last minute warning that the nomination deadline was approaching, I'm going to make an announcement at a few comms today and give everyone another two days to get in their nominations. If I work very hard I should be able to have ballots up and ready for reading and voting by next Monday.

Thanks to all of you for your commitment to this fandom and this community, for your patience and for your understanding. Please spread the word to anyone who worried they missed the opportunity to nominate that they now have until September 23.
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Due to some technical problems not only have I not been able to focus on the awards and promote it properly this entire month but I also lost most of the work I had completed up through July. None of the nominations received so far have been lost, but I have to reenter all of them into my spreadsheet which is going to take some time.

For both of these reasons I have decided to extend the nomination period an additional two weeks. You may now nominate stories up until 11:59 pm on Monday, September 14 (EDT). I should be able to get the ballots up no later than Sunday, September 20, which will still leave six weeks for voting putting us back on target to close the voting period by October 31.

I want to send a huge thanks to everyone who's nominated a story (or in many cases multiple stories *g*) so far. I've been thrilled at the response.

There's still a little over three weeks left for everyone to send in the list of fics that they feel are deserving of special recognition. So go through those bookmarks and fics saved to your memories and nominate! Specific details about eligibility and the information you need to nominate a story can be found at the nomination post.
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The third annual Men of Middle Earth Awards will launch in a little over a week! Nominations will be accepted this year between July 15 and August 31, so start sifting through your bookmarks, memories, and favorite comms and get your list of fics together. In a few days I'll put up a post for pointing readers to your fic or recommendation lists.

I hope you're all as excited about this year as I am. I think we showed last year that the LOTR fandom is alive and well; let's give even more proof this year.

If you have any questions about the categories, the process, eligibility, etc., please leave a comment here or send me an e-mail.
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