Sep. 6th, 2012

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Hello, everyone. Once again I find myself having to apologize to all of you. I've made promises I couldn't keep and made commitments I haven't been able to live up to. I am truly sorry for this year's awards not getting off the ground, all of which is entirely my fault.

Any other year I'd probably say that we could begin again; create a new timeline and still get the awards done for 2012. However, my life right now doesn't afford me any mental capacity to handle much of anything beyond the basics of breathing, eating and sleeping. It's not even that the work itself is unreasonable; it's that I don't have the energy, confidence or passion to see it through.

Back in April, before things got too bad, someone kindly volunteered to help me pull everything together. I seriously considered the offer because I could feel things were sliding, but even then to just think about e-mailing all the files and forwarding all the nominations was too much. I know that sounds ridiculous (it is pretty ridiculous) but it was, and is, still true. Therefore, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that the awards will not happen this year, and unless something seriously changes over the next few months, they will not happen again.

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent in nominations or promoted the awards this year. And to anyone who ever participated in any form over the past few years - whether through nominating, reading, commenting, voting, you name it - all of my sincerest gratitude. This has truly been such a wonderful fandom project to take on, and it is something I've absolutely enjoyed. It's been an honor to meet all of you, and you've solidified my belief that this fandom is filled with the kindest, most inviting and fun people I've ever had the privilege to know. I'm sorry this is going out on such a whimper, but I hope the past few months haven't irreparably altered how you'll remember the MOMEs. It will always be something in which I hold fond memories.

What I am going to do over the next few weeks is put together a list of all the stories and authors who were nominated this year and post it here as a way to celebrate them and their work, to give them some of the recognition they deserve. The kind person who volunteered to lend a hand earlier this year has agreed to help get that together, so keep an eye out for it around the end of the month.

Once again, I'm sorry for not getting this off the ground this year and for bringing it to a close. It's been great fun and I hope you've enjoyed yourself as well. Thank you for all of the kindness and generosity you've shown me over the years. I truly appreciate it and all of you.


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