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So that's two years in a row I've had difficulty getting online at almost the exact same time of year and unfortunately both times has meant the awards schedule has fallen to pieces. I am very sorry that yet again the MOMEs has been on hold for so long. I promise you that nothing has been lost; I just wasn't able to access it and keep things rolling.

For those that are wondering: This is a solo project because for this kind of awards set up I firmly believe it's better that anyone "behind the scenes" should not be allowed to nominate, vote or have a story in the running, and I don't want anyone I know to be forced not to participate because they're helping me. (I really like the set up of the MEFAs, which I think eliminates those potential conflicts of interest through a really great process, but one I wouldn't be able to manage, unfortunately.) This is why it only takes one person to have a problem for the whole thing to fall behind. I do need to consider the timing of the awards for next year, as clearly this time of year is proving to be difficult for me and I don't want this radio silence and resulting delays to become a regular "feature."

With that said, I hope I haven't lost a lot of you and that you're willing to hang in there while I pull the proposed ballot together and contact the authors for their approval. At the latest (and if everything goes as planned) I hope to begin e-mailing everyone by the end of the weekend which could mean the ballot would be finalized and posted in anywhere from one to two weeks. (To help speed things along I may post a list of authors here and/or at my journal so others can help me get in touch with people from the beginning; I haven't decided if that would seem like overkill or put too much pressure on people to participate but we'll see.) That would mean things would be up for reading and voting by the end of the month, voting would take place through November ending around mid-December, and the results would be posted shortly thereafter. Not exactly the timetable we started with, and we're bumping into NanoWrimo participation time which is a little troublesome. If you think this timing really won't work, please let me know. I am *very* open to suggestions; perhaps it would be best to keep voting open until the end of the year to ensure everyone who will be busy writing in November and won't have time to read and vote can still participate.

I'll keep you updated as we go along. I believe we're good to go as far as contacting the authors in the next few days and hopefully we'll hear back from everyone quickly. Once again, I apologize for this huge delay; thank you for your understanding and patience.
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