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Nov. 28th, 2009 05:41 am
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There were a couple of situations this year that made me question whether I wanted to continue doing the awards. And while each was resolved well and in the end had no influence on the awards themselves (thanks in part to the sheer number of participants) I was still disheartened.

But then I started putting the results post together. And I remembered why the MOMEs bring me joy. The general categories seemed even more diverse than in previous years, and it was anyone's guess which story would eventually emerge with the most votes. I loved the variety on the FPS side, from Sharpe to Ghost Ship to a full slate of Star Trek fics featuring the lovely Dr. McCoy in the very first year they were eligible (and with only two months worth of eligible fics to draw from). And watching an Astin/Elijah fic compete neck and neck with a VigBean makes this pairing lover's heart sing.

So many categories went down to the wire, and while I still have to make a concerted effort to reach out to Silmarillion writers and those who write about the hobbit characters and actors, there was still continued interest across a wide spectrum of the fandom.

And in the end, 99% of you are what this is all about. You scoured your bookmarks and favorite comms for stories to nominate, you spread the word in your journals, you voted with care and thought. And on a personal level, I was touched by your extraordinary patience. Still choosing to participate even as the dates kept slipping, keeping the momentum going even when I didn't have any. I even received e-mails of encouragement from total strangers, lovely words that I will forever be grateful for. And because of all of you, potential unpleasantness didn't see the light of day.

So I'll add rules and seal up cracks over the break, and come up with more ways to keep all of you participating and add more people like you to the ranks of MOME supporters. The results will be posted tomorrow morning, the results that to me show how fair and thoughtful you are, and I hope how much you also enjoy the idea behind the awards. Thank you all for reminding me why I wanted to do this in the first place, for helping me rediscover my MOME joy. :-)

Results will be up Sunday morning!


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